Episode 61

61 - Amberly Lambertsen - A Prioritized Marriage

Published on: 23rd August, 2021

Marriage requires commitment, patience, and a lot of communication to keep the spark alive. Some people have it easier than others because they put their marriage first in every aspect of their lives, but that doesn't mean you have to do a lot of things to make it happen. You may think that you can't have a life or spend time with friends outside your marriage, but it's actually possible. In our today's episode, Amberly Lambertsen will be taking us on a deep dive into how you can make your marriage a priority and why doing so will help prolong your happy life together.

Amberly, the founder of A Prioritized Marriage, has a B.S in Family Studies and is currently pursuing her Masters of Education - Family Life Education emphasis. Amberly ensures that couples are aware of the importance of prioritizing their marriage and working on it every day. She is a believer in starting traditions, practicing quality time, communicating openly with each other - all things she believes will help build a better relationship between two people who love one another.

What you'll Learn

  • What a prioritized marriage entails
  • How quality time really helps in building a healthy relationship
  • Effective ways that people can do to start a conversation
"You're going to be better partners all around, if you have that solid relationship, as friends and lovers and all that. "

-Amberly Lambertsen

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